Our New Film in the Lavender House

The Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate and the Lavender House Visitor Centre presents the documentary 'Lavender – the scent of life'

The 26 minutes long film – with a high picture and sound quality – presents the great adventure of lavender across milennia and across continents. From the Old Lavender Field of Tihany to the pyramids in Egypt, from the French Alps to the Holy Land we can flollow the history of this graceful plant. The film shows us the role of the lavender in the Roman spa culture or in the life of gladiators and many other interesting aspects of this herb.

narrator: Gábor Reviczky

director: László Bárány

cooperating partners:
The British Museum / Great Britain
The Roman Baths / Great Britain
Géoparc de Haute Provence / France

scientific staff:
Dr. Tim Upson, Director/ The Royal Horticultural Society, Great Britain
Dr. Adrienn Almásy, Egyptologyst / British Museum, Great Britain

The new film can be watched with English subtitles in the Lavender House Visitor Centre at every hour and at every half hour.

Please watch the demo version of our new film here.