Tasks of the Ranger Service

The Ranger Service of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate operates on more than 1 000 000 ha, covering the whole area of Veszprém and Zala counties, the Southern shore of Lake Balaton in Somogy county and a small area in Győr-Moson-Sopron county; including 87 758 ha protected natural areas of national importance.

The Ranger Service of the directorate has 26 members who work in 6 nature conservation units (within which there are 18 sub-units).

The nature conservation units are the following:

I.   Magas-Bakony Nature Conservation Unit
II.   Tihany Nature Conservation Unit
III.   Badacsony – Káli BasinNature Conservation Unit
IV.  Kis-Balaton Nature Conservation Unit
V.   Western Zala Nature Conservation Unit
VI.  Northern Somogy Nature Conservation Unit

Their diverse scope of duties of the Ranger Service include:

    - guarding of natural areas and assets,
    - local administration duties of the national park directorate as a contravention authority,
    - local duties of the national park directorate relating to the nature conservation management of the protected natural areas and assets.

The public ranger in the interest of the nature protection, is entitled and obliged – among others – to:

    - the control of the observance of nature conservation regulations,
    - the detention of a person or vehicle, identification, examination of the luggage and the vehicle in case of an offence against conservation interests, such as endangering or damaging the natural and the protected natural areas and assets,
    - the controlling of the hunters and anglers,
    - the retention of appliances used to endanger natural assets,
    - to capture, detain or take someone to the police station if caught in the act of committing a crime by damaging the nature or in case of defiance of the measure taken,
    - to take enforcement measures (physical constraint, handcuffs, chemical agent, police-dog; the service handgun is carried only for self-defence),
    - to commence criminal procedure, petty offence procedure or administrative proceedings and to impose a fine on the premises.

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