Nature trails

The nature trails and walks can be visited freely during the whole year and lead the hiker on signed routes. Interpretive boards provide information about the local natural and cultural heritage. Dogs are generally allowed to walk in the Balaton Uplands National Park. We recommend that you keep your dog on a lead when walking in forested areas of the national park so that your dog does not run away, chasing a roedeer or another wild animal. Please keep the dog on a lead especially when you are walking near wetlands, lakes, to protect waterfowl. Please do not let your dog swim in these waters. Our nature trails offer a good walking itinerary.

Nature Trails developed by the Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate:

Tihany, Tihany Peninsula, Lóczy Nature Trail
Balatongyörök, Keszthely Hills, Grandpa Dormouse Nature Trail
High Bakony, Boroszlán Nature Trail
Somló Hill, Kitaibel Nature Trail
Tapolca Basin, Badacsony, Szent György Hill Nature Trail and Kamon-kő Nature Trail
Kis-Balaton, Great Crested Grebe Nature Trail,
Kis-Balaton, Great White Egret Nature Trail – to be visited only as part of the visit to Matula Hut and István Fekete Memorial Site.

Nature Trails on the Operational Area of the Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate, managed by different organisations or local governments:

Settlement, Name of the Nature Trail,
information boards in English D: information boards in German

Ajka, Kab-hegy (Kab Hill), Sárcsikúti Nature Trail
Ajka, Köleskepe-árok Nature Trail
Alsóörs, Vöröskő-bánya (red sandstone quarry) Nature Trail
Badacsony, Geological-Botanical Nature Trail, E
Balatonalmádi, Red Sandstone Nature Trail, D
Balatonalmádi, Köcsi-tó (Köcsi Lake) Nature Trail
Balatonederics-Balatongyörök, Granny Pele’s Path, E
Balatonfüred, Száka-hegy (Száka Hill) Nature Trail
Balatonfüred, Path of the Golden Man, E
Balatonfüred, Koloska-völgy (Koloska Hill) Nature Trail
Balatonkenese, Tátorján Nature Trail
Balatonmagyaród, Great Crested Grebe Nature Trail, D
Csopak, Dormouse Circuit, E
Csopak, Olaszrizling Nature Trail
Felsőörs, Forrás-hegy Nature Trail
Kékkút, Theodora Nature Trail, E
Kékkút, Theodora-Bluestone Nature Trail, E
Kékkút, Time Track Nature Trail, E
Raposka, Basalt Organ Nature Trail, D
Siófok, Töreki Lakes Nature Trail, E
Sümeg, Sintérlapi Nature Trail
Szigliget, Kamon-kő Nature Trail, E
Tihany, Lóczy Nature Trail, E
Zalaszántó-Nagygörbő, Kovácsi Hill Geo-Botanical Nature Trail, E and D
Úrkút, Csárda Hill Palaeokarst Nature Trail
Vigántpetend-Monostorapáti Öreg Bükk (Old Beech) Nature Trail
Vindornyaszőlős, Vidra (Otter) Nature Trail
Vindornyaszőlős, Buruczki Ferenc Nature Trail, D

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