Forest Tourist House in Tihany-Sajkod

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This accommodation of the Balaton Uplands National Park is located in a beautiful forest on the western part of the Tihany Peninsula.
The building provides accommodation for 37 people between 1st March and 31st October. In the attic room 26 beds and two showers provide a comfortable stay for the guests. There are three rooms on the ground floor altogether for 11 people (4-4-2), with two separate shower rooms.

Please bring your sleeping bag, bed-sheet and slippers.

A community or eating room, a nice open terrace, a fire place and covered tables and seats in the garden provides variable possibilities to eat. Well equipped kitchen serve the guests’ comfort. The building gives home to open-air school programmes from autumn till spring.
The Lóczy Nature Trail, which passes the building, and the natural environment provides an excellent opportunity for school groups, family or friends to go for hiking and to relax. The Sajkod beech on the shore of Lake Balaton is nearby (GPS of Sajkod beach: 46.908698, 17.84957).

Room for adults: 3.200 HUF/person/day + TAX
Room for students (3-18 years old): 2.900 HUF/person/day
Tourist tax (TAX): 500,- HUF/person/day, between the age of 18-70.
Minimal accommodation fee of the building for one night:
Adult group: 80.000 HUF/night + TAX
Student of pedagogue group: 72.500 HUF/night
Compensation fee for a reserved but unoccupied day: 25.000 HUF

Please contact:
Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate
Csopak 8229 Kossuth str. 16.
Tel.: +36 87 555 292


Réka Vers, Educational Officer
Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate
Telefon: +36 30 382 7243 | E-mail:

How to arrive:

The Tihany Forest Tourist House, the accommodation of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate is located in the beautiful forest of the Western part of Tihany Peninsula.

GPS: 46.899845,17.866092

The accommodation is accessible by car on paved road or by minibus for 20 people (Jocibusz passenger transport, phone: +36 70 557 9770, e-mail:

On foot from Tihany: walk along on Kiserdőtelepi street, starting from the cemetery and ending at the winery of the Abbacy (Apátsági pince on the map), a dirt road leads to the accommodation, the distance is 2 kilometres.

Delivery of luggage is 300 HUF/person/occasion, provided by the national park directorate.

The white road on the map indicates the paved road for cars. The blue line indicates the itinerary on foot from the village (from the bus stop 'TIhany, sportpálya') to the accommodation.

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