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An old dream of the Hungarian nature conservation came true in 1997: a protected ecological system embracing the adjoining area of the Balaton Uplands was established with the connection of the already protected areas which had been separate for a long time. The area of 56 997 hectares of the Balaton Uplands National Park mainly consists of these six landscape protection areas: Kis-Balaton, Keszthely Hills, Tapolca Basin, Káli Basin, Pécsely Basin and Tihany Peninsula.

Among its regions Kis-Balaton is also protected by the international Ramsar Convention, serving the protection of wetland habitats. Tihany Peninsula – as a recognition of its outstanding geological values and the work of nature conservation in that region – was awarded of European Diploma in 2003. The Natura 2000 areas, covering partly the National Park and going beyond its area ensure the possibility of the conservation of habitats, plant and animal species which are of European importance.

The initiative of Bakony–Balaton Geopark – the area of which covers partly the National Park – sets the aim of interpreting the geological, natural and cultural values and awakening the consciousness of their social significance. The Bakony–Balaton Geopark became member of the European Geoparks Network and the Global Geoparks Network – assisted by UNESCO in 2012.

The official Internet site of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate provides information about the regions, exhibition sites, nature trails and accommodations of the area that belong to the National Park Directorate. The open guided hikes, tours and other programmes, publications, environmental education programmes and the work of our nature conservation experts are outlined on this site and will hopefully help you to get acquainted with this magical world in an understanding and loving way.

The primary objective of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park is the comprehensive conservation and protection of natural assets and areas. Besides protection it is also important to interpret the beautiful landscapes, living and non-living natural values and to provide possibilities for the present and future generation for learning and relaxing in nature.

These goals can be achieved only with the co-operation of the visitors who show responsible behaviour on the protected areas. Please help us to protect nature, do not disturb the habitats and natural values! Think of the following visitors, who would also like to enjoy the beautiful and intact environment.

Please take special care of the protected and strictly protected plant and animal species, their habitats, and the caves!

Let's go and hang around in nature!

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