Guided tours on Tihany Peninsula

  • Guided tour on Tihany Peninsula
  • Lakes of Tihany: Inner Lake, Outer Lake
  • Guided tour on Tihany Peninsula
  • Inner Lake area
  • Borsóköves-kúp
  • Felfedezés
  • Tanösvénytábla a Külső-tóról
  • Lépcsősor a Hármas-hegyre
  • A Lóczy Lajos Tanösvény nyitótáblája
  • Öreg tölgy
  • Öreg tölgy - tanösvénytábla
  • Öreglevendulás
  • Szajkókkal az erdőkért - tábla
  • Szürkemarhák
  • Tájékozódás
  • Tókerülő Tanösvény nyitótáblája

Discover the European Diploma-awarded Tihany Peninsula with the help of our professional guide who is well acquainted with the area! Our hiking tours lead along the Lajos Lóczy Nature Trail. We offer different routes on the nature trail.

1. Tihany, Sajkod - Apáti Hill - Old Lavender Field - Nyereg Hill - Sajkod
The starting point can be approached by rented bus or by the little "train" that circulates in Tihany village. The tour ends at the starting point.

2. Kiserdő - Inner lake (Belső-tó) - 'Golden House' Geyserite cone - Family Leasure Centre
The starting point can be approached by scheduled bus. The tour starts in the village and arrives back to it too.

3. Landing place of ships - Ciprián spring - 'Monks' dwellings' - Óvár - Visszhang Hill
The starting point can be approached by ship and also by scheduled bus. The tour starts arrives to the village at the end.

The duration of the tours: approx. 3 hours

Guidance fees: s. Downloads

During the tour the geological and cultural heritage, flora and fauna of the peninsula is interpreted by our professional guide. Please wear appropriate hiking clothes and shoes for the tour. The tours are to be requested at least two weeks before the date of the tour. Participation in the guided tours is under your own responsibility. Please be aware that free washroom usage is not included in the guidance fee. If needed, the washrooms of the Lavender House Visitor Centre (other website only in Hungarian) can be used for 200 HUF/person for those who do not pay an entrance fee to visit the Lavender House, located at the Belső-tó (Inner Lake).

Prior arrangement of the date and itinerary and prior booking of the guided tour is needed at least two weeks before the guided tour!

To arrange your guided tour, please contact:
E-mail: bfnp (@) bfnp (.) hu Tel.: +3687555260

Nature trail:
Lajos Lóczy Nature Trail
The first nature trail of the country was renewed in 2002. The 18 km long trail is made up of a longer and a shorter circle.The guided tours lead along this Nature Trail.

Further Information:
Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate
Adress: 8229 Csopak, Kossuth u. 16.
Fax: +3687555261


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