• Odvas keltike
  • Zöld gyík (Lacerta viridis)
  • Somló
  • Somló

The sole volcanic hill, emerging high from the plain of Marcal Basin, attracts a number of visitors with its famous wines, friendly wine cellars and with the lookout tower and the ruin of a castle on its top visible from great distances. As the basalt of the mountain falls into small particles if exposed to sunshine and heat, no quarry operation has ever injured its sides.

The highly patriotic, wine producing cellar owners also supported the idea of granting protection to their beloved hill. After long discussions (introducing of protection was opposed to the development of the area for recreational purposes) the Protected Landscape Area was established in 1983 with 585 hectares. The aims of nature conservation coincide with the efforts of the locals, to preserve the cultural relics and natural values by turning back to the traditions of the area.

The strictly protected mountain top with its ruined fortress, the hasalt cliffs and the picturesque native forest of low trees around it provides an excellent view. At the end of spring the white flowers of mahaleb cherry bloom in the rock cracks and in the downy oak forests, where there are fields of the odorous corydalis. The basalt cliffs, similarly to those of the Badacsony, are covered with curtains of bright yellow flowers of Alyssium montanum. Green ivy covers the shaded cliffs and trees of the steep hillsides, with the rare broomrape sponging on its stems.

The chapels of the vineyards dating back to the Middle Ages, the old wine cellars, traditional restaurants and the wonderful view from the top of the mountain increase the attraction of this small, but well-known protected area in every season.

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