Bakony Hills and surroundings

Boroszlán Nature Trail

The "Nature Trail of the Year 2015 in the a Balaton-felvidéki National Park"

The Boroszlán Nature Trail was established in the Magas-bakonyi Landscape Protection Area, on the Kőris Hill’s side. Its information boards, renewed in 2014, reveal the geological history of the surroundings; interpret the geological formations (e.g. Odvas-kő cave) and the wildlife of the area.

The 7 km long trail with an elevation of 270 m has a 2 km long shortcut with 140 m elevation. The trail starts to the North from 240 m above sea level, from the gorge of Gerence creek. It leads up to the top level of Kőris Hill and turns back from 520 m above sea level, going back to the car park along the Öreg-Szarvad Valley. The shortcut version turns back from Odvaskő Cave (stop 3) via a stairway to the valley, from where you can reach the starting point with a short walk. The trail is free to visit and a guided hike can be ordered in advance.

Magas-bakonyi Landscape Protection Area

The highest, most intact part of the Bakony Hills was declared a Landscape Protection Area in 1991, giving the region protection of national level. The total area covers 8.754 hectares, including a strictly protected area of 478 hectares. The aim of protection is to maintain and interpret the diversity of nature and to conserve the significant cultural heritage. Being part of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark, the protection and promotion of the rich geological heritage – with the involvement of local communities – is a priority here. More information about the Landscape Protection Area can be read here.

Stops of the nature trail with Hungarian–English information boards:

1 Formation of the Bakony Mountains
2 Forests of the High Bakony
3 The Odvas-kő Cave
4 A world of gorges
5 Birds of the High Bakony
6 Forest protection model area
7 Bakony–Balaton Geopark
8 Limestone, karst and karren formations,cave formations

GPS: 47.283732,17, 17.709937

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