Dear Visitors,

For certain visitor centers of Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate (see at: Related on this site) You can purchase online vouchers.

1. Exchanging of vouchers in Tapolca Lake Cave Visitor Centre (see on the bottom of this side) is not with coupon codes, but with consultation in e-mail in advance. As You have decided when you would like to use your voucher please contact our colleagues in Lake Cave Visitor Center.

2. Redeeming of vouchers in Pannon Observatory (see on the bottom of this side) is also with consultation in advance. For further information the colleagues of the observatory are getting in touch with ones who has bought a voucher.

3. For Lóczy Cave you can redeem your voucher for online tickets as mentioned below.

Vouchers are not functioning as entrance tickets, so you can not visit the sites directly with them, instead the user of the voucher can purchase tickets online for specific time with the coupon code (serial number under QR code on the voucher).

Vouchers are only redeemable for the exact ticket types labelled on them. As an example Csodabogyós Cave adult basic tour (felnőtt alaptúra) voucher can be used only for Csodabogyós-barlang adult basic tour (felnőtt alaptúra) ticket.

Per purchase one voucher is usable per ticket type (meaning one kid and one adult voucher can be redeemed for tickets at the same time, but two adult not – in that case you need to redeem them seperately: by putting only one in your cart, paying with the code of voucher, repeating the proccess until all your codes are registered as tickets.)

Vouchers and their invoices are sent automatically in seperate e-mails, making vouchers simple to forward to your addressee.

Before purchasing, please read Terms and Conditions. Tickets and vouchers are NOT refundable!

Vouchers purchased until 31. January 2023 are valid until: 31. June 2023, so it is the last date for redeeming them to tickets, but redeemed tickets can be valid for later dates too. VOUCHERS purchased from 1. February 2024 are valid until: 31. December 2024.

Thank You for Your purchase!

Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate

Buy yout ticket online!

A - Tapolcai-t. felnőtt - ajándékutalvány
HUF 3,700/fő
A -Tapolcai-t. kedvezményes - ajándékutalvány
HUF 3,200/fő
A - Tapolcai-t. (3-14 é.) gyermek - ajándékutalvány
HUF 2,700/fő
A - Tapolcai-t. családi - ajándékutalvány
HUF 10,500/fő
A - Tapolcai-t. kiegészítő gyermek - ajándékutalvány
HUF 1,200/fő
A - Tapolcai-t. fogyatékkal élő - ajándékutalvány
HUF 2,700/fő
A - Pannon Csillagda felnőtt - ajándékutalvány
HUF 3,500/fő
A - Pannon Csillagda kedvezményes nappali - ajándékutalvány
HUF 2,800/fő
A - Pannon Csillagda családi - ajándékutalvány
HUF 10,000/fő
A - Pannon Csillagda esti program - ajándékutalvány
HUF 5,000/fő
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