Ranger Service

The Ranger Service’s primary duties are the guarding, management and interpretation of natural assets and areas, as well as keeping contact with local communitites. State rangers are entitled to take measures on behalf of the authorities.

In Hungary the Ranger Service has existed on a legal basis for more than 30 years, but its legal status, tasks, rights and liabilities have significantly changed during the last decade. Rangers have been public servants since 1993, and their rights and liabilities were considerably extended by the second paragraph of the Act No. CLIX of 1997. Their detailed job description is determined by the Service Regulation issued as a ministerial decree in 2000.

A Ranger Service operates within the operational areas of the national park directorates in the interest of the protection, conservation and the prevention of the degradation of the natural and protected natural areas and assets. There are 735 protected plant and mushroom species and 965 protected animal species in Hungary. The rangers are equipped with service uniform, a service permit, a service badge, a handgun and other technical devices. Citizens can help the job of the rangers as civil rangers.

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