House of Forests, Bakonybél

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How to arrive:
Address: Bakonybél, Szt. Gellért tér 9.
(entrance from Petőfi street)

Teljes képernyős nézet megtekintése

GPS: 47.252817,17.728229


Bus and train schedule

Opening hours

Only by prior arrangement for groups (min. 10 people)!

Closed: 15. March, 24–26. December, 31. December – 1. January

Admission fee/person


Adult 1000 Ft
Discounted* 800 Ft
Child under 3 years (registration ticket)
200 Ft
Child (3-14 years) 500 Ft
Child (15-18 years) 800 Ft
Registration ticket* 200 Ft

*See at: Related/Discounted fees - House of Forests

The forestry and the nature protection exhibition, established in the granary building of the Benedictine Abbey of the XVIII. century, shows the particular natural values of the High Bakony Protected Landscape Area, the variety of its rocks, the rich flora and fauna of its forests, the interesting work of the hunters, foresters, forest engineers working in the forests, and the traditional wood professions of Bakonybél.

It is not allowed to take dogs to the site!

The area of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark includes this exhibition site and its surrounding as well.

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