Forest and Handicrafts Educational Centre in Bakonybél

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Tourist House for 33 persons, open between 15 March - 30 November, in the centre of Bakonybél village, nextdoor to the Pannon Observatory Visitor Centre.

Accommodation can be required by prior arrangement:

Andrea Bognár | Telephone: +36203610342 | E-mail: pajta at freemail dot hu

Dear Guests!

Please keep distance (1,5 m) and wear a mask.

Thank you for your understanding!

Accommodation fees:
from the age of 7: 2,000 HUF/person/day
between the age of 4-6: 1,000 HUF/person/day
between the age of 0-3: free of charge
Extra bed: 75% of the fee (according to age)
Fee for campfire wood use: 2,100 HUF/group/occasion
Minimum fee for the house: 14 times the fee of the given age group
Fee for the house for one night: 37,500 HUF/day
Reserved but unused day's fee: as the minimum fee for the house

The prices include general TAX. Breakfast and tourism tax is not included!

It is obligatory to bring bedsheet, pillowcase (of small size), duvet cover or sleeping bag.

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