Visiting information

Dear Visitors,

We would like to inform you that the Lake Cave in Tapolca is highly protected.

The visitable area of the Lake Cave covers a 250-metre long corridor: a 70-metre long section is dry and the remaining 180 metres are floated by water. The latter can only be visited by taking a boat (the conditions of the cave allow us the use of 8 boats altogether).

The cave can be visited in casual-wear in course of specialised guided walks, but no guide is provided for boating.
73 stairs lead to the cave. The temperature is about 20 °C in the cave all year round. The air is humid (95-98 %moisture) in the cave.

It takes about 1,5 hours to visit the Lake Cave Visitor Centre. The visitor centre and the cave can be visited every 20 minutes, in groups of 35 people.

It is not allowed to take animals to or to eat icecream in the Lake Cave Visitor Centre.

Because of the rainy weather and the thaw in the recent past the level of the water in Tapolca Lake Cave has been increased significantly. Please note that getting in and out of the boat needs more attention. It is worth arriving in proper shoes. In the narrower parts of the cave visitors should bend more than usual. The dry parts of the cave offer several sights as well for those guests who would not like to take a boat.

The visit to the Lake Cave Visitor Centre includes boating in the Lake Cave, but it is not obligatory, to take part in the boating. All guests participate in boating under their own responsibility. Please consider your age and physicality, when you decide about taking part in the boating!

Please be aware that some sections of the cave branches are very narrow, please be careful when boating!

BOATING RULES (can be downloaded from the Downloads):

1. Boating is only allowed with a valid ticket. The entrance fee is valid for one round of boating.
2. The boating facilities are available at your own risk and not whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs! It is FORBIDDEN to take alcohol into the boat.
3. The maximum load bearing capacity of each boat is 200 kg. Please sit in such a way so as to ensure an even weight distribution in the boat.
4. Children under age 8 and adults who cannot swim must wear a life vest in the boat. Adults who can swim may only refuse wearing a life vest at their own responsibiltity.
5. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to use the boating facility under adult supervision!
6. Boats can be rowed by a person above 14 and can swim.
7. It is strictly FORBIDDEN and dangerous to stand, jump in the boat, lean and step out of the boat.
8. Regarding that there is a free safe deposit box in the Visitor Centre, the Directorate cannot take responsibility for objects taking to the boats. Please use the safe deposit box.
9. We would kindly like to ask our guest that while boating please try to keep a steady pace avoiding extrusion and accidents.
10. In the case of boats turning up, accident and injury please wait for our colleagues’ help and use the alarm bells in the cave, if it is possible.
11. In the case of boats turning up, accident and injury, the National Park Directorate reports the event. Thank you for your cooperation.
12. We would kindly like to inform our guests that there are cameras in the cave principally for your safety.
13. Boating facilities are only available if the requisite operational water level condition prevails (119,6 m above Baltic). In the event that the water level falls below this level boating must be discontinued.

We kindly ask Visitors in their own interest and in the interests of other visitors to abide by the rules concerning boating.

Have a pleasant journey and a good time!

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