Guided tours on the area of Kis-Balaton

Kis-Balaton Visitor Centre (GPS : 46.700841,17.23867) where previously booked guided tours start with professional guides.

Guided tours on the area of Kis-Balaton:

If you wish to visit the strictly protected area of Kis-Balaton, it is only possible by booking an appointment for a guided tour. To minimize disturbance of the valuable wetland habitats, only two guided tours are arranged per day from Tuesday to Friday and one tour is arranged on Saturday and Sunday. Only ONE VEHICLE (car, minibus, bus) is allowed per tour.

During our guided tours, experienced professional guides help the guests to become acquainted with the history, natural heritage and rich bird fauna of Kis-Balaton.

We recommend to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, appropriate for a light tour. On a hot summer day please take a sunhat and drinking water. Please bring your binoculars!

General information about guided tours at Kis-Balaton (e.g. starting point of tours) here.
Fee for individual guests arriving with their own car: minimum price HUF 25 000 (covering 1 or 2 adults and a child); otherwise HUF 10 000 per adult, HUF 5000 per child.
Fee for guests arriving with a minibus (10-20 ppl): minimum price HUF 35 000, otherwise HUF 2500 per person.
Fee for guests arriving with a bus (21-50 ppl): minimum price HUF 45 000
Fee for a group of schoolchildren, students, or teachers arriving with a bus (21-50 ppl): HUF 35 000 per group.

Request form of guided tours can be downloaded here
Request ONLY VIA E-MAIL: kisbalatonlatogatokozpont at bfnp dot hu

Territories which can be visited without restrictions:
1. Kányavári Island, Great-Crested Grebe Nature Trail, lookout tower
2. Interpretive Sites:

Buffalo Reserve, Kápolnapuszta
Vörs, Folk House
Diás Island

Further Information:
Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate
Address: 8229 Csopak, Kossuth u. 16.
E-mail: kisbalatonturavezetes at bfnp dot hu

Google Maps can be seen here

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