Lóczy Cave, Balatonfüred

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Dear Guests, the Lóczy-Cave is closed in 2020, because we are building a new Visitor Centre above the cave.
Thank you for your understanding.

Contact, how to arrive:

Address: Balatonfüred, at the end of Öreghegyi út (street)
GPS: 46.969008, 17.873082
Phone: +3687555292

From the train station of Balatonfüred: The cave can be reached from the center of the town in 5 minutes by car, and with a 0,5 hour-long walk, following the green stripe tourist marks. From Jókai lookout tower: on foot, following the green triangle tourist marks. The cave can be visited in casual clothes, with the help of professional guidance and electric lighting. Parking: a few cars can park in the direct vicinity of the cave. You may park in any of the streets in the vicinity of the "no entrance for buses" sign. By bus: you can approach the cave by bus until the junction of the Öreghegyi street and the Rizling street, from here cca. 300 m walking. The Öreghegyi street continues but entrance for buses is prohibited.
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Opening hours: -

The ticket office closes 30 minutes before the closing time of the visitor centre!

Paying: in cash (paying with credit card is not possible).

The admission fee includes guiding, VAT and the fee of accident insurance of visitors.

The cave can be visited in casual-wear, in course of specialised guided walks.
The visit lasts cca. 30 minutes. Maximum 25 people can visit the cave during one guided walk.

The temperature in the cave is cca. +12 °C.

It takes about 30 minutes to visit the cave with our guide. Maximum 25 people can visit the cave at the same time. Groups of more than 25 people will be divided into smaller groups that can visit the cave in several turns. Groups of more than 25 people that make a previous booking are given priority when visiting the cave.

It is not allowed to take animals in the Lóczy Cave.

Lóczy Cave:

The cave which was found in 1882 on the western side of the Tamás Hill and was opened to the public in 1934 is located on the outskirts of the town. The spectacular middle Triassic limestone layers, displaced from their horizontal formation by the impact of mountain-forming forces, hide this strictly protected cave, created by erosion of the limestone by warm waters gushing up from the deep. The dissolving process left cauldron shaped forms and occasionally still visible pea-stones as a reminder of the circumstances surrounding the formation of the cave.

The area of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark includes this exhibition site and its surrounding as well.

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