Közösségi szolgálat

For certain visitor centers and services of Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate, You can purchase online tickets on specific subpage of given visitor center (see at: Related on this page).

Because of limited capacity and requisiton of guided tours limited in number at certain visitor centers (eg. Tapolca Lake Cave Visitor Center) tickets can be puchased for specific appointments.

For guided tour (eg. Disused Sand Quarry, Várpalota) and (eg. Csodabogyós Cave and Szentgál Kőlik Cave) consultation of the appointment in advance is also needed.

Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the page (GTC) or by clicking HERE.

For puchasing tickets online the following is needed: credit card suitable for online purchases, mobile phone for checking security code (with phonenumber set by the credit card) and name, e-mail address, password for bfnp.hu user account, furthermore data for invoicing: name of buyer, address, tax number if available.

Before paying please make sure, that You have the right date and number of tickets selected! Thank You.

By certain visitor centers, purchasing online vouchers is also possible, for these visitor centers and the way of purchasing vouchers click HERE.

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